Performance Schedule




Oct. 6: Ithaca College Theatre Arts Department, Ithaca, NY reading directed

by Lee Byron


Dec. 6: Playbrokers, San Francisco, CA staged rehearsed reading (directed by

Ed Hastings) at ODC Theater.




Feb. 6: Tricycle Theatre, London staged rehearsed reading (directed by Erica



May 3 – 14: Eureka Theatre, San Francisco, CA. Fully rehearsed, staged

workshop production (directed by Andrea Gordon).


July 7: London: private reading for BBC and WDR radio versions.


Aug. 1: Directors Company, New York City rehearsed reading (directed by

Michael Parva).


Aug. 7:Bowood House, Calne, Wiltshire, UK excerpted rehearsed reading for

Royal Society of Chemistry..


Sept. 25: Imperial Palace, Vienna staged rehearsed reading (in English) at the

2000 International IMECO Congress (directed by Isabella Gregor).


Nov. 9: Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA performance of

excerpts from “Oxygen” at joint meeting with the American Philosophical

Society by American Historical Theatre (directed by Pamela Sommerfield).




Jan. 12: Key West Literary Seminar, Key WestFL, staged literary reading by

Key West Theatre (directed by Joan McGillis).


April 2 – 8: San Diego Repertory Theatre, San Diego, CA(8 performances

directed by Bryan Bevell).


Sept. 16: Hörsaalruine der Charité, Berlin staged rehearsed reading (directed

by Isabella Gregor).


Sept. 23 – 29: Kammerspiele des Mainfranken Theaters Würzburg German

language premiere run (directed by Isabella Gregor) followed by regular subscription run Oct. 3, 4, 10, 20, 27, Nov. 6, 14, & Dec. 8., 22.


Oct. 16: New YorkAcademy of Sciences (New York City), staged rehearsed

reading by Director’s Company (directed by Emily Prince-Lynch).


Oct. 27 - 29: Royal Institution,

21 Albemarle St., London
W1 (special

Platform performances directed by Andy Jordan):


Nov.1 & Nov. 2: Miami University, Middletown, OH rehearsed reading of BBC

Radio version by Drama Department.


Nov. 8 & 10 ( and ) Fletcher Opera Theatre, BTiCenter for the

Performing Arts, Raleigh,NC 3 guest performances by San Diego

Repertory Theatre (directed by Bryan Bevell).


Nov. 14 – Dec. 1: Riverside Studio Theatre,

Crisp Road

London W6 (regular London run of 20 performances directed by Andy Jordan).


Nov. 23 – 25: Deutsches Museum Munich, guest performances of Würzburg

Theatre (directed by Isabella Gregor).


Dec. 2: BBC World Service broadcast of radio adaptation (directed by

Andy Jordan) as “Play of the Week.”


Dec. 12: Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR Radio 3) broadcast of German

radio adaptation (directed by Hein Bruehl).




Kammerspiele des Mainfranken Theaters Würzburg Continuation of 2001

subscription run on Jan. 12, 20, Feb. 2, 5, 17, March 3, 16 & April 6, 21.


Jan. 25: Trinity College, Hartford, CN, staged rehearsed reading co-sponsored

by the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Department of Theater and

Dance, the Luce Professor of Health and Human Rights, the TrinityCenter

for Collaborative Teaching and Learning and the Human Rights Program.


Feb. 24: Leverkusen: Guest performance (directed by Isabella Gregor) of

Würzburg Theatre at “Erholungshaus-Bayer”.


April 25: KenyonCollege, Gambier, OH. Staged, rehearsed reading (directed

by Harlene Marley) of BBC version, Owen York Jr. Lecture Hall at “A Celebration of Science at Kenyon.”


May 11: University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH. Staged presentation in

Chemistry Department.


May 20: CityUniversity of New York GraduateCenter, Elebash Hall, staged

rehearsed reading by Break-A-Leg Productions (directed by Teri Black) followed by post-performance discussion.


June 20: Halle: Guest performance at 350th Anniversary Celebration of

Leopoldina by Würzburg ensemble (directed by Isabella Gregor).


Aug. 10 – 12: Pohang, Korea: Korean language premiere directed by Bok-Kee

Min and performed by Theater/Mo/A at Korea Science Festival.


Sept. 27- 29: MichiganStateUniversity, East Lansing, MI by Drama

Department at Passant Theatre of the WhartonCenter for the Performing

Arts directed by Mary Job.




Jan. 23 -- 25: University of Toronto, Toronto, Canadian Premiere of Oxygen,

at 35th anniversary celebration of the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, directed by James MacLachlan with the Stillman Drake History of Science Players at Isabel Bader Theatre, followed by  symposium on t issues raised in play.


Feb. 3: Louisiana StateUniversity, Baton Rouge, LA, rehearsed reading

 under the direction of Femi Euba.


Feb. 13 –16: PiedmontVirginiaCommunity College, Charlottesville, VA

performances in Dickinson Bulding’s Maxwell Black Box Theatre directed by Kay Bethea.


Feb. 26 – March 8: Ohio StateUniversity, Columbus, OH by Drama

Department at Thurber Theatre (of Drake Performance and EventsCenter) directed by Bruce Hermann.


March 9: Munich: Performance directed by Isabella Gregor at DEUTSCHES

MUSEUM for students under auspices of the "NAT-Working -Natural Sciences and Technology: NetworkingSchool and Research" Program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


March 17 - 18: Tokyo: Japanese staged rehearsed reading (translated by Kaku

Nagashima and directed by Nobuhiro Nishikawa) at Tram Theatre of Setagaya Arts Foundation.


March 28 – April 12: Madison, WI, by University of Wisconsin Theatre directed

by Norma Saldivar.


April 3 - 20: Seoul: by Theater/Mo/A at KCAF (Korean Culture & Arts

Foundation) Arts Theatre (small hall) in DEAHAKRO (Seoul). 


April 26 – May 24: Wellington, New Zealand by Circa Theatre (directed by

Susan Wilson).


May 4: Seoul; National TV broadcast (EBS network) of April performance.


June 14: Berlin: 2 performances at Berlin “Langen Nacht der Wissenschaft”

(Robert Koch Hörsaal, Inst. f. Mikrobiologie & Hygiene) by Maxim Gorki Theater directed by Ole Erdmann with Charlotte Bocksberger, Steffi Brümmer, Linda Brust, Tini Erdmann, Ingo Hampe, Anne Joly, Johanna Malchow, Ulricke Pfanne, Jakob Renger, Grit Römhild and Robin Seiffert.


July 25: Bad Hersfelder Summer Festival staged reading (by Würzburg Theatre

actors directed by Isabella Gregor) in Aula of Konrad-Duden-Schule.


Aug. 11 & 12: Ottawa by the Stillman Drake History of Science Players (directed

by James MacLachlan) , , Alumni Theatre of Carleton University in conjunction with the 39th IUPAC Congress.


October 10: Bologna: Italian premiere () of OSSIGENO (Italian

translation by Daniela Majerna) in Aula Magna di S. Lucia (Via Castiglione 36, Bologna), directed by Arnaldo Picchi.


Nov. 25: Rio de Janeiro: Student performance at XXV Jornada de Iniciacao

Cientifica, Artistica e Cultural in Auditorio do Centro de Tecnologia, UFRF  directed by Mariangela Cantu.




April 14: Sofia: Bulgarian premiere of “O2“at Satire Theatre “Aleko

Konstantinov” directed by Marii Rozen with Svetlomir Radev (Lavoisier/Bengt), Lina Spateva (Mme. Lavoisier), Stefan Stefanov (Priestley/Ulf), Lina Stoizova (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid), Sergei Konstantinov (Scheele/Sune) and Margarita Chlebarova (Fru Pohl/Ulla)..


April 15: Pleven: Bulgarian premiere of “O2“at Dramatic Theatre “Ivan Radoev”

directed by Marii Rozen with same cast.


May 10: Cambridge, MA: Staged rehearsed reading at Harvard Observatory

(Phillips Auditorium).


Oct. 8-13, 2004, Grantham, PA: Messiah College Department of Theatre, Miller

Auditorium, directed by Edward Cohn.


Oct. 26 – 30: Cambridge, U.K.: Production by “Top Quark Productions” at ADC

Theatre (directed by , music by Francis Knights) with (A. L. Lavoisier),   (Mme Lavoisier), (Priestley), (Mrs. Priestley), (Scheele), (Fru Pohl), (Hjalmarsson),   (Kallstenius),  Elizabeth Keane (Rosenqvist),   (Svanholm) & (Ulla Zorn).


November 12: University of Bradford, U.K.Staged rehearsed reading

in Theatre in the Mill.


November 18 - 21: Lawton, OK: Production by Cameron University Theatre

department  (directed by David H. Fennema with music by Gregory Hoepfner) in Cameron University Studio Theatre and one performance at Oklahoma Festival of the American College Theatre Festival,  Weatherford, OK (Nov. 10-13, 2004).


Dec. 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 & 12: Brockport, NY: SUNY- Brockport, Dept. of Theatre

production at Tower Fine Arts Center directed by Lynnet Taylor.




Nov. 10 -12: Glasgow: University of Glasgow performances at Gilmorehill 'G12'

Theatre. Production by da Vinci Theatre Company directed by Alexander, produced by Douglas Mcdonald with Young (A. L. Lavoisier), Ivana Ertlová (Mme Lavoisier), Hastie (Priestley), Conway (Mrs. Priestley), Waterfield (Scheele), Symeonides (Fru Pohl), McLeod (Hjalmarsson),   Gould (Kallstenius), Carolyn Austin (Rosenqvist), Ciaran McHale (Svanholm) & Minto (Ulla Zorn).




Jan. 19 – Feb. 28: Porto: Portuguese premiere by Seiva Trupe Theatre, Teatro do Campo Alegre, directed by Júlio Cardoso (translation by Manuel João Monte) with António Reis, Fernando Landeira, Isabel Queriós, Luis Mestre, Mariana Assunção and Marta Gorgulho.


March 14 – April 23: Korean tour: Associated with 38th International Chemical Olympiad and organized by Duckhwan Lee


Gyeongsan: March 14 and 15 (plus matinee).

Daejon: March 23 and 24 (plus matinee).

Junju: March 31 and April 1 (plus matinee).

Kwangju: April 5 and 6 (plus matinee).

Busan: April 13 and 14 (plus matinee).

Seoul: April 20, 21, 22 (plus matinee), and 23


March 21 & 22: La Louvière, Belgium: French version of “Oxygène” modified by Claudine Celva and Michel Bougard under the title “Révolution(s)” and performed by students of the l’Athénée Provincial de La Louvière.


April 8 – June 30: Sao Paulo: Brazilian premiere (April 8, 9:00PM) in Teatro Ruth Escobar (Sala Dina Sfat—Rua dos Ingleses 209) directed by Silvio Zilber (translation by Juergen H. Maar) with Carlos Palma, Monika Plöger, Oswaldo Mendez, Adriana Dham, Thereza Piffer and Vicente Latorre.


April 25: Oxford, OH: MiamiUniversity production () by Senior Capstone.


May 4, 5, 6: Manchester, IN: Manchester College Theatre department (Wampler Auditorium, ).


July 6 - 23: Rio de Janeiro: Transfer of Sao Paulo production for 12 performances at TEATRO ESPAǏ SESC (Copacabana).


September 24: Mexico City: Spanish language premiere () by Teatro UNAM (directed by Sandra Félix) in Teatro de la Ciudad (Danceles 36, Col. Centro).





October 9: New York City: Staged rehearsed reading by Science and Theater programs of Eugene Lang College (of The New School, 65 W 11th Street, New York City).


October 26 & 27: Greenville, SC: Staged rehearsed readings by Centre Stage South Carolina, directed by Benjamin P. Robinson with Chris White (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Tiffany Nave (Mme Lavoisier), Allen Evans (Priestley/Svanholm), Glenda ManWaring (Mrs. Priestley/Rosenqvist), Beau Phillips (Scheele/Kallstenius), Leslie Smith (Fru Pohl/Ulla Zorn).


Nov. 19 & 26: Barcelona: Staged rehearsed readings in Catalan (translated by Arantxa Gorostiza and Mercè Piqueras) under the direction of Míriam Alamany with Carles Martínez (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Míriam Alamany (Mme Lavoisier), Quimet Pla (Priestley/Svanholm), Marissa Josa (Mrs. Priestley/ Ulla Zorn), Climent Sensada (Scheele/Kallstenius), Àngels Poch (Fru Pohl/ Astrid Rosenqvist).


Nov. 19 (): Amfiteatre Gimbernat of the RoyalAcademy of Medicine of Catalonia.


Nov. 26 (): Performance Hall of "Ateneo Barcelonès"




April 23: Uppsala: Staged rehearsed reading (in Swedish) at in auditorium of Gustavianum of University of Uppsala directed by Gustav Uddgård.


April 29 & 30: Varese, Italy: Staged rehearsed readings (16:30 – 19:00) in English under the direction of Isabella Gregor with Astrid Herbich, Katharina Stemberger, Howard Nightingall, Michael Smulik and tba, followed by discussion with audience on occasion of "Handover ECB-ECHA" (15th Anniversary of the European Chemicals Bureau and transfer to European Chemicals Agency.


May 29: New York City: City University of New York Graduate Center, Segal Theatre, staged rehearsed reading (6:30 PM) by Break-A-Leg Productions (directed by Teri Black) with Phil Garfinkel, Scott Glascock, Michael Kennealy, Donna Lee Michaels, Stephanie Wortel, and Elizabeth York.


July 21: Barcelona: Dramatic reading in Catalan under the direction of Míriam Alamany in Institute of Catalan Studies ().


October 6 & 7: Medellin, Colombia: Spanish language production (directed by Josue Santamaria) in Teatro Camilo Torres of Universidad de Antioquia with John Jairo Jaramillo Sánchez (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Ana Maria Ramírez Cuartas (Mme Lavoisier), Juan Pablo Bonilla  (Priestley/Svanholm), Claudia Molina (Mrs. Priestley/Ulla Zorn), Francisco Brand Jiménez (Scheele/ Kallstenius), Karen Melisa Gómez (Fru Pohl/ Astrid Rosenqvist).


October 31: Medellin, Colombia: Spanish language production (directed by Josue Santamaria) at Universidad de Medellin.




April 21 – May 10: Seoul, Korea: Korean language production (directed by Kim Kwangbo) in Space111 by Doosan Art Center and ChungWoo Theatre group with Lee, Keonmyong (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Jeon, Hyuna (Mme Lavoisier), Park, Yongsoo (Priestley/Svanholm), Gill, Heeyeon (Mrs. Priestley/Ulla Zorn), Chung, Gyusoo/Ihm, Hyungtaek (Scheele/Kallstenius), Yoon, Dagyung (Fru Pohl/ Astrid Rosenqvist).


Nov. 5: Rennes, France: French language rehearsed dramatic reading of Oxygène (directed by Noëlle Keruzoré) at Le Diapason, Université de Rennes, with Cyrille Thouvenin (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Emilie Lafarge (Mme Lavoisier), Eric Lecoanet (Priestley/Svanholm), Valerie Keruzoré (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), David Nathanson (Scheele/Kallstenius), Noëlle Keruzoré (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn),  Sebastien Passol (costumes), Dominique Briand (Lights),  followed by panel discussion with C. Djerassi, Jean Michel and Aimée.Kornprobst (translators), Danielle Fauque, and Brigitte Joinnault.




June 10: Brest, France: Repeat performance of Rennesrehearsed dramatic reading of Oxygène (directed by Noëlle Keruzoré) at Le Quartz, followed by panel discussion with C. Djerassi, Jean Michel and Aimée.Kornprobst (translators), Danielle Fauque, and Noëlle Keruzoré.


Sept 2 -5: San Jose, Costa Rica, Teatro Nacional: Spanish language production of OXÍGENO, produced by Euclides Hernández and directed by Manuel Ruiz with Jean Pierre Martén (A. L. Lavoisier), Kathia Mora (Mme Lavoisier), Douglas Cubero (Priestley), Moy Arburola (Mrs. Priestley), Pablo Morales (Scheele), Marion Madrigal (Fru Pohl), Euclides Hernández (Hjalmarsson), Carlos Salazar (Kallstenius), Madeleine Martínez (Rosenqvist), José Pablo Umaña (Svanholm) & Silvia Arce (Ulla Zorn).


Sept. 9 – 19: San Jose, Costa Rica, Teatro Universitario: Spanish language production of OXÍGENO, produced by Euclides Hernández and directed by Manuel Ruiz with Jean Pierre Martén (A. L. Lavoisier), Kathia Mora (Mme Lavoisier), Douglas Cubero (Priestley), Moy Arburola (Mrs. Priestley), Pablo Morales (Scheele), Marion Madrigal (Fru Pohl), Euclides Hernández (Hjalmarsson), Carlos Salazar (Kallstenius), Madeleine Martínez (Rosenqvist), José Pablo Umaña (Svanholm) & Silvia Arce (Ulla Zorn).




January 26,27,28: Rennes, France: French language production of Oxygène in Le Diapason, Université de Rennes (directed by Noëlle Keruzoré) with Fanny Fezans, Hélori Philippot, Eric Lecoanet, and Noëlle Keruzoré. Scenic design, Camille Riquier; sound and video, Julien Fezans; lights, Eric Lecoanet.


June 22: Prague: Czech language premiere of Kyslíc at Broadway Theatre directed by Pavel Trávniček, scenery by Vladimir Soukėnka, costumes by Mlada Šerých, music by Pavel Holubec with Pavel Trávniček (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Karolina Lišková (Mme Lavoisier), Jaroslav Brendl (Priestley/Svanholm), Kateřina Kornová (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Zdenek Havlas (Scheele/Kallstenius), Kateřina Urbánková (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn).


June 25-26: Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico: Performances at Teatro Universitario de la Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (directed by Ricardo López Crocker).


July 10 & 16: Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico: Performances of OXÍGENO at Teatro Esperanza Iris: Regional Theatre Festival for the Popularization of Science (directed by Ricardo López Crocker)


September 2-3: Cárdenas, Tabasco: Performance of OXÍGENO at Casa de la Cultura del municipio de Cárdenas (directed by Ricardo López Crocker).


Oct, 8, 9,15,16, 29, 30 & Nov. 5, 6, 19, 20: Mexico City: Spanish language performances of OXIGENO at Foro Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Centro Cultural Universitario, UNAM directed by Aracelia Guerrero with Max Flores (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Yael Albores (Mme Lavoisier), Angel Lara (Priestley/Svanholm), Maria del Carmen Félix (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Victor León (Scheele/Kallstenius), Lizzette Cervantes (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn).


October 13: Winston-Salem, N.C.: Dramatic reading of OXYGEN by Department of Theatre and Dance, WakeForestUniversity.


October 15: Aviano: Two dramatic readings of OSSIGENO at Italian National Cancer Institute.

October 26: Brest, France: Repeat performance of January 2011 French language production of OXYGÈNE (directed by Noëlle Keruzoré) in La salle Mac Orlan.

Nov. 17: Rennes, France: Repeat performance of January 2011 French language production of OXYGÈNE in Le Diapason, Université de Rennes (directed by Noëlle Keruzoré).

Nov. 17: Madrid: Dramatic reading of OXÍGENO during Madrid Science Week, Instituto de Fisica Fundamental, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (calle Serrano, 117). Version & coordination by Marta I. Hernandez, direction by Laura Zabala, audiovisuals by Nestor F. Aguirre Castilblanco and Estela Carmona Novillo, scenery by Estela Carmona Novillo and Patricia Barragan Ruiz de Castellano, technical assistance by Guillermo Ortiz de Zugasti, with Gerardo Delgado Barrio (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Laura Zabala (Mme Lavoisier), Alvaro Valdes de Luxan (Priestley/Svanholm), Cristina Sanz Sanz (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Tomas Gonzalez Lezana (Scheele/Kallstenius), Anais Dorta Urra (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn) and Patricia Barragan Ruiz de Castellano (Herald Court Voice). URL http://fama.iff.csic.es/divg/oxigeno.htm by Jose Campos Martinez, Marta I. Hernandez, Angel S. Sanz Ortiz .


Nov. 19 - 20: Zurich: Dramatic Reading Performances (matinee and evening) of OXYGEN at University of Zurich Theatersaal directed by Isabella Gregor with Christian Strasser (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Jaschka Lämmert (Mme Lavoisier), Thomas Reisinger (Priestley/Svanholm), Julia Cencig (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Paul Matic (Scheele/Kallstenius), Emese Fay (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn).


Nov. 21: Fribourg: Dramatic Reading Performance of OXYGEN (directed by Isabella Gregor with Zurich cast) at Aula Magna ofUniversity of Fribourg.


Nov. 25: Vienna: Dramatic reading performance () of OXYGEN  in Kuppelsaal of Technische Universität Wien, directed by Isabella Gregor with Christian Strasser (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Jaschka Lämmert (Mme Lavoisier), Thomas Reisinger (Priestley/Svanholm), Julia Cencig (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Paul Matic (Scheele/Kallstenius), Emese Fay (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn)..


Dec. 9: Berlin: Dramatic Reading Performance (17:00) of OXYGEN  in Audi Max of Technische Universität Berlin directed by Isabella Gregor with Christian Strasser (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Jaschka Lämmert (Mme Lavoisier), Thomas Reisinger (Priestley/Svanholm), Julia Cencig (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Paul Matic (Scheele/Kallstenius), Emese Fay (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn).





June 18: Padova: Dramatic reading performance at University of Padova in conjunction with "Science week."


Dec. 7: Cologne: Performance for high school students of "Sauerstoff" directed by Andreas Herzau  by Schauspiel-Ensemble der Universität zu Köln in BayKomm (Science and Event Center of Bayer). Andreas Herzau (Lavoisier/Hjalmarsson), Miriam Berger (Mme Lavoisier), Jan Kaerlein (Priestley/Svanholm), Jessica Sakac (Mrs. Priestley/Astrid Rosenqvist), Jan Peters (Scheele/KallsteniusIsabella Nagy (Fru Pohl/ Ulla Zorn).





March 19 - 23: Luxembourg: Production in conjunction with 2012 European Olympiad of Science performed by New World Theatre Club (directed by John Brigg) at Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel, Mamer.